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When you happened to pick up and read a diary someone wrote, it may change

your story. At times, the authors of diary themselves are no exception.

Chusotsusisters' first album is not only their bookmarker of story but also

a landmark to wanderers who keep looking for what they desire to seek. It

may have been close to you, but you overlooked it, or it was placed there

where you took a very long time to reach.

"Finally, I came across it.", Masami Sakaide who produced the recording of

the album expressed the meeting with Chusotsusisters. I'm sure that there

are not a few listeners who can share his feeling.


Experiencing Chusotsusisters means that you don't need to regret that you

missed Dada or punk. We know that words like "art", "underground" and

"punk" are deceitful and losing substance these days, but we use them with

impunity. But at least for them, playing "The Flea Walts" is more

significant than declaring anti-art or saying, "no future".

Although a lot of artists don't doubt that they can easily verbalize their

own feelings, most of them turn their eyes away from inner chaos to go

toward articulate ideas. Being bound by one's self, you can't create

things, such as some of their songs, "No.5", "Hitori No Kaerimichi",

"Chemical Wash", like echoes that are faded away into the darkness.



Finally, I would like to talk about Chusotsusisters' live performance. I

have a feeling that you will probably realize why I described them as a

landmark when you see them walking around on the stage like winding up a

toy. And then it seems like instruments make sounds by themselves even

though you see Chusotsusisters play them before your eyes. Not only the

instruments, but a sketchbook with the titles of the songs (or programs)

and the sticker of "THE BACK HORN" (who is a Japanese rock band) on the

bass also forget their roles and sing a song with the girls.


You don't have to need to regret you missed the moment in 1979 when a

British post-punk band, The Mekons called the battered couch they put on

stage a spaceship. It is what experiencing Chusotsusisters proves.

Yu Hirayama, a Japanese journalist and author. Research and archive about indies culture which sometimes called esoteric. Self-publishing a magazine FEECO or some of CD from his own label "Suikazura". Also the author of a biography of British experimental artist Nurse with Wound, "Nurse With Wound History" (2021 DU BOOKS).

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